Roblox Tower Battles Codes 2021

About Roblox Tower Battles:

It is a strategical game where the gamer has to defend himself and his team from the zombies wave in addition, to kill zombies, place the towers strategically in the game.

Roblox Tower Battles Codes January 2021:

You can find below the hacked Roblox Tower Battles codes as per 2021 which will help you in providing you gems, items, coins, pets and many more. With the help of these codes, it will give you more power to leave others behind in the game.

  • Updateinaminute2019– In addition, this code will give you a tweeter tower.

Roblox Tower Battles Codes

Tower Battles Code (Invalid or Expired Codes)-

Below are the lists of codes which got expired or else are not active in nature, however, you don’t have to worry about the expired codes as we will be keeping on updating about the same, in other words, you will be kept updated.

  • None


How to redeem the codes of Tower Battle code?

You have to just follow the simple steps on redeeming the codes in the game of Roblox Tower Battles-

  1. Firstly, select the twitter button on the screen of your game.
  2. Secondly, a new screen will pop up.
  3. Thirdly, just copy and paste the above code in the “Type Code” area.
  4. Press the Enter button similarly, enjoy the game.


Features of Roblox Tower Battle game:

  • Game Modes- Versus, Survival, Party, Custom server, Halloween2017, Halloween2018, Christmas2017, Winter Event.
  • Miscellaneous- Cliffs, Cash, Codes, Credits, Error Message, Fifth Tower Slot, Glitches, Teasers, Soundtrack, Wave00000000, Wave List.


Zombies in Roblox Tower Battles:

  • Early Game- Normal, Speedy, Slow, Boss1, Lava, Hidden Boss, SuperSlow.
  • Mid Game- Necromancer, Boss2, Lava, Hidden Boss, SuperSlow.
  • Late Game- Lighting, Boss3, Mystery2, Boss4, Guardian, Void.
  • Wave0000000- Mystery2, Virus, Error, Patient Zero, Expired Jack, Jack, Void.
  • Halloween2017- Zombie, Mummy, Demon, Ghost, Jack.
  • Christmas2017- Gingerbread, Snowman, Shadow, Yeti, Present, Golem.
  • Halloween2018- Zombie, Witch, Spirit, Reaper (2018), Monster.
  • Winter Event2019- Ice, Shard, Hidden Guardian, Golem, Titan, Frosty.
  • April Fools2019- Golden Zombie


About Towers in Roblox Tower Battles:

  • Single – Target- Scout, Sniper, Patrol, Soldier, Mercenary, Aviator, Commando, Commander, Phaser, Zed, Golden Scout, Golden Commando.
  • Splash- Damaging- Fragger, Tuber, Patrol, Mortar, Aviator, Zed, Elf.
  • Multi-Target/ Spread- Plasma Trooper, Shotgunner.
  • Spawners- Barracks, Commando, Patrol, Zed.
  • Support- Commmander, Farm, Scarecrow, Tweeter, Aviator, Golden Scout.
  • Event- Scarecrow, Elf, Hallowboomer.
  • Exclusive- Stunner, Archer, Knifer, Red Scout, Huntsman


Maps in Roblox Tower Battles game-

  • Very Short Maps- Mars, Grassland, Dead End Valley.
  • Short Maps- Castle, Pond, Egg Hunt.
  • Medium Maps- Arctic, City, Cyber Quarters, Desert Outskirts, Snowy Forest.
  • Long Maps- Military Base, Western, Graveyard, Haunted Castle.
  • Very Long Maps- Border Land, Midnight Road.
  • Event Maps- Christmas Town, Graveyard, Haunted Castle, Frozen wasteland.
  • Unreleased Maps-


 Game Badges in Roblox tower battles-

  • Welcome! On joining the game get the badge.
  • Beginner I-  “single” win game.
  • B II-  when you twice win a game.
  • Beginner III- Receive on thrice win a game.
  • Starter I- Win 5 matches after that, get this badge.
  • S II- Win 5 matches after that, get this badge.
  • Starter III- Conquer 15 wins after that, get this badge.
  • Intermediate I-Win 20 matches after that, get this badge.
  • I II- Receive this badge, however, on 30 wins
  • Intermediate III- Get badge on 40 wins.
  • Skill I-Receive this badge, however, on 50 wins
  • S II-Win 60 matches after that, get this badge.
  • Skill III- Get badge on 75 wins.
  • PRO I-Receive this badge, however, on 100 wins
  • P II- Get badge on 125 wins.
  • PRO III- Get badge on 150 wins.
  • Master I- Get badge on 200 wins.
  • M II-Receive this badge, however, on 300 wins
  • Master III-Win 350 matches after that, get this badge.
  • Legend I- Get badge on 500 wins.
  • L II-Conquer 750 wins after that, get this badge.
  • Legend III-Conquer 1000 wins after that, get this badge.
  • Immortal V-Conquer 10000 wins after that, get this badge.



In conclusion, the Roblox tower battle game requires a strategical intelligence to defeat the zombies. You have to protect yourself and your army from zombies however, with the help of code you can get the hidden wave in the tower defense game.

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