Truly, in this world, it is difficult to survive unaccompanied. Play. Win. Repeat. Uniquely, this is the trio we ask our customers to follow. Therefore, as you sit and play your favorite Fortnite Creative Maps games you can redeem the Creative Map codes and earn loads of rewards. While other players try to make money during the game, these Creative Fortnite Codes will make it easy for you

Creative Map Codes 2021 | Fortnite Creative Codes January 2021


Moreover, in the list of Fortnite Creative Map Codes given below, incredible offers in the Zombies map and the Shipment free-for-all, along with a clever minigame for lots of players with Bubble Burst.

Not to mention, the  Creative map codes Allow players the chance to build custom maps that have a chance to be featured within Battle Royale. Further, Creative mode sees players creating obstacle courses, practice courses and platforming challenges.



At times, it can be difficult to hunt down and establish which maps are worth downloading. Keeping this in mind, we’ve put together the following list of our favorites, along with the Fortnite Creative Maps codes.


  • Sanicle Sanctuary – 3538-5162-6769
    “A small, run down biochemistry institute overtaken by Plague and Scourge.”
  • Frya’s Jungle FFA Map – 1426-5874-8120                                                                                                                  “it’s perfect for a game of hide and seek – or hide and shoot – with your pals.”
  • Sniper Sanctuary – 9844-6533-5227
  • Fluff Factory – 1295-7270-1724
    “The production of our lovely fluffy companions.”
  • Crazy Corridors – 7496-7723-9592
    “Find the exit!”
  • Dubious District – 2081-3809-5406
    “First team to reach the top and open the Llama wins the game!”
  • Smash Maze – 0583-7656-7481
    “Smash through the walls and find your way to the rift. Race against your friends or try each of the 8 mazes by yourself!”
  • Escape Maze – 1820-7750-3131
    “Explore the maze, find chests, avoid traps, and use the items you find wisely. Find the rift to escape!”
  • Covet – 9433-0114-4732
    “Stealth Gameplay Evolved. Eliminate opponents safely from the “shadows” without drawing attention to yourself”
  • Ice King Deathrun – 9841-9769-7317
    “Climb your way to the top and take your place in the Ice Throne.”
  • Bounce Pad Arena – 8792-1332-7866
    Keep your eye out for your opponents flying through the air as you bounce around the map.
  • Trash Compactor! – 2365-9717-9130
    Dodge the Shopping Carts!


Fortnite creative codes 2021

    • Dead by Fortlight – 8099-5981-3796
    • Junkyard Juke – 1113-6823-4725
    • Fury Racing: Snowy Summit – 1731-2660-6859
    • Snipers vs. Runners – 7352-4203-8482
    • Minas Tirith From The Lord of the Rings – 1048-3487-4391
    • Counter-Strike Dust 2 Map – 9908-4675-7557
    • City MVP Zone Wars – 6045-3254-5072
    •  Gun Game: Fractured Forest – 4576-0707-8977
    • Whack-a-Zombie: Arcade – 0266-6811-8054



Furthermore, below are the instructions to be followed while you apply the Codes. Follow the guide and win exciting offers and gifts

    1. Firstly, all you have to do is note the code.
    2. Secondly, load into Fortnite Creative, head to the Creative Hub, and look for one of the standard rift portals that signifies a featured Island.
    3. Stop before you actually wander into the rift portal
    4. There, you’ll see an option to ‘Set Island Code’ by holding the E key. This will bring up a box.

Once you’ve input the code in, the game will take a moment to find the Island and give you a short description of it so you can confirm it’s the Island Code you were hoping for. Then, click the ‘Select Island’ button, which will close the box. Finally, change the rift portal so that it takes you to a new map rather than the featured Island. (Expect it to take some time to load in the new map.)



Fortnite’s Creative Maps mode launched at the beginning of Season 7 which allows players to develop their own mini-game map to play with your friends or share with the community. Hence, Map Creators can share their Island Codes so that other players can come and look at, play in and destroy their carefully curated maps and creations.

Furthermore, this is a pretty strong zone wars map, especially if you prefer the hustle and bustle of the city versus the more usual forest and plains environments Fortnite has to offer. In the end, it all culminates in the town square under the watchful gaze of Midas. Additionally, there are four islands in the Creative Hub that you can swap out for islands with a code, so take a look at what some of the best of the Fortnite community has created.

To exemplify, there are a tonne of resources, prefabs, vehicles and weapons available in Creative, so some maps are geared towards racing, some are designed with Battle Royale in mind and others are simply fun multiplayer maps.

Therefore, below is the list of a few Fortnite Creative Maps Codes. In general, some are good for a stealthy round of Battle Royale, while others are endless frustration of mazes and some are just really cool to look at and admire.



Finally, In this article, we have tried to compile the complete game information and Most active working Fortnite  Creative Map codes. Particularly, these codes will be extremely beneficial.  Ultimately, choose your targets wisely and explore everyday in the game store using the above mentioned Creative Map Codes.

Well, in short, its your turn to play your role now. So what are you waiting for ? And since, now that Creative Map codes have your back, grab your phones and get to playing.



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